I have hidden your toys again,
come and find them, i wish.
I want to complain against you to dad,
I wish you were there to protest.

I always won when i fought with you,
Today i just pray i lose every fight
to make your brim full of joy
be there with me always, near or far.

Everyone says i have grown up and changed,
My little doll, you have grown up and don’t fight now,
scold me, share my things,
hide everything that makes you sad,
throw away all memories which pains you,
fence the thorns that prick you.

I will give you the toys which will make you smile,
flowers that will let you sway,
colors to make your life beautiful,
fight that will bring you near to me again.

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6 Responses to Fight

  1. Sekhar Vadari says:

    Touching !


  2. Gangadhar says:

    Nice lines.:) like it


  3. swati says:

    Really very nice….direct dil se ūüôā


  4. meenakshi says:

    really good……………who is she??


  5. Divya says:

    Very sweet!


  6. mallika shrivastava says:

    very nice and very close to heart…………………..
    here ur words speaks up !!!!!!!!!!!!! gr8 job………………….


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