The Charismatic Face

The once fluttering lips have drooped,

Redness of cheeks have withered,

Helpless eyes haven’t blossomed of late,

Heart is sobbing with tears of self-made fate.

Where has that charismatic face gone,

To behold which i never missed a chance;

Where have the evergreen smiles forgone,

She is now but peels of laughter sans.

I know mirth and pain are twins

Which inevitable, one to follow after another;

But not test her, O Lord! with cruel fangs

For she is, not seven, but eight times tested.

I have oft seen rain in her chaste heart,

But never in her wild, gloomy eyes;

I can see it when in her eyes,

Can’t tolerate it when in her heart.

Because tears in eyes will someday subside

And will illuminate that charismatic face,

Repatriating her to my dreamt-evergreen-smile;

But such in heart will melt her down.

Hope is the world and i too hoping

Springs are bound but until autumn hibernates,

Till then, I will effort and once dawn breaks

You, once again, will see that charismatic face.

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5 Responses to The Charismatic Face

  1. Very, very beautiful.
    “I know mirth and pain are twins/ Which inevitable, one to follow after another”
    I like the way you’ve put all of this. It’s moving… and the words in form of a sincere prayer sink right in. Great work! Charismatic indeed. 🙂


    • suyashchopra says:

      Thanks a ton Mariya. This was the first poem of my life after class 10th when I was bed ridden for a month due to an illness. Probably the feeling of pain and nothingness made me to write this. Feels so nice that you liked it so much. Poems are a great way to convey in so less words. One can pour their heart out, just the way you have done with your appreciation.


    • Your first poem? Wow!
      Amazing how those feelings of pain and nothingness find their best expressions in form of poetry. You’re right, a poem is a great way to convey. 🙂 Keep writing awesome as you do!


    • suyashchopra says:

      While discussing of poetry, I remember Gazal is another form of poetry which I really appreciate so much. Just listening to gazal is so soothing and thought provoking sometimes.


  2. bohut badiyaa…but who’s ur muse here?


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