Winds of Change – Arundhati

Soemtimes one loses hope, sometimes one gives up, sometimes one says i will do it next time but sometimes a group of people say let come whatever may, we will do it. Else, who says things cannot happen, India cannot be changed, who says governance cannot be improved, who says a group of young, committed and passionate cannot fight out with the system and come victorious…!!! This is the spirit…

When members of Aashayein Foundation came to know about the status of the school in July 2010, members were determined that school has to be saved. How, when and other usual questions were playing their bewilderment. Will government support the school? Will community ‘leaders’ extend their ever-receding hands? Who will teach the children in the school? Will the children come to school in the absence of teachers? Existing 2 teachers of Arundhati Upper Primary School, Narayanguda, Hyderabad had retired. There will be no teachers in school from tomorrow. In such a scenario, the gutsy and never-say-die attitude of Aashayein volunteers was a treat to see. Sandeep, Priyanka, Taskeen, Abhishek, Dhanraj & the whole team was hell-bent on ensuring that school should run and needs to be saved. They started taking classes from next day in the absence of teachers…and children loved it. They knew they are not bereft.

But the school had to be recognized by the government. It was a govt-aided school and now with govt, refusing appointment of new teachers in school, school would be recognized. Members met DEO, Deputy DEO (District Education Officer). Sometimes there were candies on offer and at other times, there were spurns too. No one clear way was in sight. It was a long grope in the darkness. But the zeal, passion and dedication never gave way. Members kept on teaching to the children, kept on meeting the govt officials, kept on nurturing hopes. Agreements, disagreements, discussions and suggestions became part of AF life. But the vigor, dream and motivation never eluded us. Day after day, members scaled new heights. Aashayein appointed 3 teachers in school and started paying them remunerations. The show went on. Children’s day quiz went on, teaching went on, mid-day meal continued, herculean tasks started churning out results. Exams were conducted, more number of students joined in school. Hope gave rise to confidence and confidence knocked the doors of opportunities.

As it is said, sheer commitment and perseverance never fails human souls. And so did it not in this school’s case. On 1st Dec, when powers-that-be changed somewhere, when climate changed somewhere, when somewhere month changed, when somewhere a new sun rose from the horizon, a small school board on the road-facing wall changed. It said Arundhati Upper Primary School, Narayanguda has been recognized as the government school. It also said government has appointed 2 teachers there and is renamed as DBR Mill’s Government Primary School.

A new hope, a new dawn, a new success story, a new chapter in the history of Aashayein Foundation was added. Long live the democracy. Long live the constructive activism. Long live the spirit of man. Long live Aashayein Foundation and its highly motivated, passionate and dedicated members!!!

Proposal Document for sponsoring teachers

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  5. Rohit Sinha says:

    Just Awesome! Its like an inspiration for me to join such an organisation. Would definitely like to be in touch with you regarding the progress of this organisation and the mode of its working. I hope you do remember me. I was your junior in college. Rohit


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