Purpose of Education

I may not remember the dates and years of history classes but those stories motivate us, make us good decision-makers; i may not remember which latitude or longitude USA is in, but i can draw the map of USA or India on world map; I dont know how many MPs are elected to our Parliament but i know to distinguish between good and bad ones; I may not know spelling of every word in English but i know how to read a dictionary; I may not be a maths wizard, but i know if the shopkeeper is cheating me in his bills and calculating correctly; i dont know the names of every scientist but i can figure out what it takes to innovate in the field of science.

These are the motives and purpose of learning and teaching in life. They differentiate you from the crowd. Its upon ourselves whether we want to make them one-in-a-crowd or stand-out-from-the-crowd.

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