Wisdom Tooth

I don’t know who coined the term ‘Wisdom Tooth’. I don’t know if this ever gave any wisdom or not. But today, I had my ‘wisdom ‘ plucked out by a relatively painless process. But I was thinking that the way no wisdom comes without pain, similarly, how come a person loses the wisdom without pain. Let me think. Fact remains that with the loss of wisdom, all my wisdom has been also stripped. So, how does a man look like or appears to be without his wisdom tooth?

Will I look like A.Raja now? Or will I look like Suresh Kalmadi? Or for that matter, will I look like some Swamiji caught red-handed on tape? Extensive search will begin now for my identity. How did Buddha get the enlightment? Was it through this tooth which a human being starts to possess between the age of 17-22 years? If Buddha got it through ‘wisdom tooth’, I was in that same category of Buddha until yesterday. But today, with the loss of wisdom, I feel very relaxed, relieved and no pain at all. As if some huge burden of more than 1 billion people has been shrugged off my shoulders. Is Dr. Manmohan Singh listening to me? How about doctors advising him to get rid of all his wisdom tooth? After IPL debacle, I think even Lalit Modi got his wisdom tooth removed. Else how come he lost all the gains of his brand and charisma. Even the cheerleaders are not hovering around him now.

Nitish Kumar definitely has more wisdom tooth than many in his league and equally has Narendra Modi but they together repel each other. So, there may be 2 different kinds of wisdom tooth, one positive tooth and other negative tooth. This reminds me of powerful ladies in these countries like Madame Tussad, aka, Sonia Gandhi, who knows how to make living, breathing, in flesh, thinking human beings into statues or say, puppets. What kind of wisdom tooth she would be having? Jayalalitha or Mamta ‘behenji’ or Mayawati have more wisdom tooth in the current political scenario. Sushma Swaraj and PC (Prizeless Chidambaram) may have different kinds of tooth which prove that males and females have diverse nature of tooth. I am not sure how many they may be possessing.

Few like L.K.Advani, may not have any at all. But does this mean, no wisdom? Probably yes, probably no. The concern is if I answer rightly, we will have to see another Rath Yatra. Moreover, who says you need to have to have wisdom. In the case of Advani, it is not so. But Mr. Vajpayee has so much wisdom, though I am not sure of how many wisdom tooth. Musharaf was the only person who challenged Vajpayee’s wisdom. But the point is wisdom may be present without also.

Bill Clinton had lots of tooth and hence, Miss Lewinsky had many love-bites. I am not sure of Madam Clinton though. Is Bill currently undergoing some courses on how to gain more wisdom, or give more love-bites? Because he is nowhere to be seen these days. Anyways, it is good that apart from me, someone else is also hunting for wisdom. He is searching after experiencing so much wisdom and poor I am searching before that phase. SMS (Save My Soul). Swami Valentine’s Day is near and I want some wisdom either before that day or atleast on that day. Hey hold on, Shiv Sena is aware that I have no wisdom  now and am eligible to join them on V-day. My bad luck continues.

There are good wisdom and there are bad wisdom. Our forefathers, who got independence for this country, had good wisdom. Present day systems consist of individuals with decayed and bleeding tooth. Bad or good, what’s the point if buying food items as they are very costly in the market? Hungry stomachs had to be fed something. So, inflation is the greatest leveler of our times, irrespective of whether you possess wisdom or not. And our government is clueless about this leveler. Atleast they can give subsidies for the manufacture of false tooth, silver and gold tooth, porcelain, etc. This sector is bound to profit in these inflationary times.

In India, most of the citizens don’t have and hence, we are like less tigers, who belong to the descendants of Prithvi Raj Chauhan (I hope Ashok Chavan is not reading this), Laxmi Bai, epic-hero Arjun, or Bhagat Singh. Even though we have tooth, our tooth have got toothing problems now. We are now like paper tigers, sitting in our drawing-rooms, watching television, abusing the rogue fellows in our corrupt system and going to sleep. We forget that when God made human beings he did not only give us flesh and bones but also gave wisdom, wisdom to judge what is right and what is wrong so that we can act accordingly. But the gums and cavities are so much decayed now that its wiser now to remove the dysfunctional wisdom tooth and wait for a fresh set of wisdom tooth to grow. You may say growth and renewal.

Today, even I got rid of my wisdom which was of no use to me. Now, either I will get no wisdom at all, or have no wisdom to judge what is right and wrong. In short, I will also become like the crores of people of this country. I wish I had known how many wisdom tooth R.K.Laxman has.

Who is to be blamed for my loss of wisdom or for the loss of wisdom to crores of citizens of this country? I thought very hard, had lots of ice-cream because my doctor advised me to have ice-cream and cold stuffs, and then I experimented with my grey cells. And finally, I concluded that whatever is not right in this country is because of all those doctors who pluck out the ‘wisdom tooth’ of citizens like me and deprive them of any thinking abilities and make us robots. Did you think Rajnikant?

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4 Responses to Wisdom Tooth

  1. When I had my “wisdom teeth” pulled I asked my dentist “So does this mean I will be less wise?” He did not find this amusing.

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    • This is just a humorous way to interpret things. I tried to use some pun and satire to convey my thoughts on wisdom tooth.
      Wisdom is always in your mind, learnt through the myriad of life experiences.

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  2. Sudhanshu Shekhar says:

    Ah .. the wisdom tooth …. how about ur receding hair line?
    Some might say the hairline has more impact on wisdom than Economy has on hemlines …


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