Death, The New Life


Life, why are you afraid?

Why do you drop tears?

Why do you get feeble?

                             This is but a part of you.                             


Life, try hear children’s glees,

Not just the silence of eyes

New leaf sprouts on trees

Only when the old one dies.


Life, Death thrives on you,

It is seed for another you.

One follows after another

Like rain cuddles after summer


Life, your face has withered,

Hair white and heart less red,

Your clothes are pale and tattered,

But is your soul spirited?


Life, wear new clothes,

Let your soul fly far away,

For, you will be born again,

Only if you embrace the death.

What happens to our body after death? In Guanajuato, Mexico, few became mummies. Read about them here.

Daily Post Writing Challenge: Time for Poetry

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5 Responses to Death, The New Life

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  3. kailash nath says:



  4. sailaja says:

    Awesome! Thanks Suyash.


  5. OwlMcCloud says:

    Great post and good read.


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