A Story to Unfold

          Hey You, soaked in rain drops, scorched due to sun and tranquil under the moon! You have seen all. A loner comes to you and gets a hug from you. You do not discriminate whether he or she is rich or lives in tatters. Do you? Sometimes, romantic songs are hummed and you see the couples enjoy the exhilaration and bliss. They revere the stream flowing beside you, casting a spell on them.  Often a gulmohar will canopy you, with its leaves dipped in red wine. In monsoon, an onlooker may peep at you for few seconds from the corner of his eyes, hidden partly in his umbrella. But you remain unfazed, busy counting your guests, and the drops of heaven.

           Age has no bar for you. A teenage can ponder over its life and find solace by being with you. Sometimes a sage is borne, courtesy you. Everyone is two peas in a pod in front of you.

          You have heard many stories – stories of joy, grief, longing, love, hatred and many more. You will absorb all those emotions. You have eavesdropped on many of the untold stories as well. Sometimes, you have looked into their eyes and felt their stories. Despite multitude of stories you are aware you, you do not share them with others. You are reliable. They may not confide in you directly, but you can still be ‘benched’ upon.

          You are always teeming with people, who are ready to mingle with you always. But there are occasions when you are in solitude. You are all alone. A sense of detachment engulfs you. You disguise yourself when squirrels are your only guests. You do not speak much then. You too have a story of your own, waiting to be told to the world – The story of a Bench.IMG_4464

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9 Responses to A Story to Unfold

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  2. sumandita says:

    it was a story waiting to be told, and your words whiffed life into it 🙂


  3. daredevilgul says:

    The talk with the bench worked after all *Applauds*


  4. Swapna says:

    well written…. waiting for the Story to Unfold…. 🙂


  5. nidhi says:



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