Who Needs Visa

Visa trouble? Love trouble? Nothing new.

This world is still not accessible and available for everyone. We will have to wait for more few years and more agreements between nations, drawing fences. Until then, the age old show featuring ever- increasing war looming over humanity, the hatred beyond compassion, and the placenta questioning its very own existence in this world, which is yet to be entered and seen by it, must go on.  But there is someone who does no clamor for visa. No queues, no documents, nor any fees. And no visa, of course. But still, she can cross borders, sneak through barbed wires, swim blue oceans and, leap over giant sky-kissing mountains and trick the gun totting uniform men. Did we not hear earlier too, love goes unstoppable?

Her big black eyes shine in the chilling, cold air. Bright sunlight heightens her oomph factor. The baby-pink and white dress makes her more adorable and sought-after. Her touch is heavenly and the kiss as inducing as the morning dew on the grass. My heart was already on the trapeze with excitement. It’s gonna be a long cherished hug.

She is the symbol of victory over all troubles related to visa and travel. She never applied for it. She never cared for it. Just like that it was never destined for her. She jumped over the man-made boundaries with panache. She ran like a little pretty girl in the garden, after the butterflies and grasshoppers. Whole world is her garden though. She travels in the thin air, whizzes past the sexy-looking air-hostesses, occasionally waving to them, and gives a miss to all security check-ins, reminding us that our garden is more charming sans the entire hullabaloo over conventional and nuclear warheads. She personifies my hope.

Aha, she steps onto the new land now. The Destination embraces her. Cuddled in my arms, I gift her to my Valentine. Warmth of a smile, the forgiving love and a cute, pink teddy bear, tucked in my suitcase, travelled distance of more than 12000km are the only ones to be still untouched by any visas. Life waits for you at the other end. Go, grab it!

Love Goes Unstoppable

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    wow…. well said!! nice analogy….


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