Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top of Anticipation

Groom on Top of his AnticipationIn Hindu religion, a human life is divided into four phases, which are called ‘aashrams‘. First stage is the early stage of education, called ‘Bramhacharya‘, where humans are expected to attain knowledge and skills to lead his future life. This stage often lasts up to the age of 25 years.

Once the student life is over, marriage with one’s beloved is the most awaited moment of life. A person often waits for his / her lifetime opportunity. This is one event where the ANTICIPATION & EXCITEMENT levels are ON TOP. In this photo that i clicked in 2012, the groom is entering the ‘house of marriage’ or in other words into the ‘Grihasth aashram‘ (meaning home in Sanskrit language), with lot of expectation, anxiety and promise. Sitting on a horse back and dressed royally, accompanied with two sehwala (kids on horse), the groom is ON TOP of his JOY and HOPES and Dreams in his eyes.

Hope in Eyes of GroomGrihasth aashram‘ (meaning home in Sanskrit language)  or the married life is the second stage of life. Human beings get married and discharge their duties towards their family under certain social norms. This stage is expected to last up to the age of 50 years but most often, this lasts life long. Third & fourth stages are ‘Vanaprastha‘ and ‘Sannyasaaashrams respectively. Here humans renounce their worldly pleasures, their desires and duties & responsibilities, and wander in the forest. They leave their relationships behind and are devoted to God, in pursuit to attain ‘Moksha‘ which is the freedom from the cycle of life and death.

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge –  On Top

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9 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top of Anticipation

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  2. Pretty nice concept for the theme here. Really the groom is On Top’ 🙂


  3. dearmusings says:

    Ha ha ha lovely write up Suyash. I wonder what dreams did Giri had at that moment 😉 😀

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