I Long To

I Long toDaily Prompt: The Wanderer – Tell us about the top five places you’ve always wanted to visit. GO!


Where there is one religion called humanity,

And everyone speaks only one language of love.

Where perpetual peace and harmony binds all,

And the evil has ceased to exist and found its tomb.

Where everyone prospers, lending a hand to others,

And a child grows with books, than with Kalashnikovs.

Where animals are free and not hunted down,

And trees stand for thousand years without being sacrificed.

Where the music, and not pollutants, is in the air,

And the birds and the thoughts soar high up to the heaven.

Where the Earth wakes up after a yawn, flaunting its beauty,

And bless the noble deeds of its children, till the end.


This poem is part of Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity.

Read my another entry for this challenge.


Now that you have read my thoughts, kindly suggest me the ONE place which i should visit.


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14 Responses to I Long To

  1. Helen C says:

    Great place to be indeed! We can keep hoping, right?

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    • O yes, hope is the great driving force to look forward to a better world. History tells us that every civilization had its period of evolution and turmoil. Who knows, ours may be around the corner. Till then we must effort in whatever possible way…:)

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  3. I loved reading this!
    Especially this: ‘And a child grows with books, than with Kalashnikovs.’ and this: ‘Where the music, and not pollutants, is in the air’!
    May there come a time when ‘love’ and ‘humanity’ prosper more than anything, and may we be able to see such a world! If not too perfect, but nearing perfection; which can only be due to an individual’s efforts!


    • suyashchopra says:

      Thanks a lot for your lovely feedback, as usual. Just loved your words. These may seem to be mere dreams through words, couplets, philosophically, poetically, but that is how, I guess, dreams, however distance they may seem, can be realized some day. Each one of us live with that hope in the eyes. As rightly mentioned by you, Unless and until we aspire for perfection, we may not even come closer to that perfection.


    • True, “dreams, however distance they may seem, can be realized some day.” 🙂 That is the foundation on which our world stands, “hope”, and that is through which we can achieve what we long for!
      It’s always a pleasure to read your words, Suyash. 🙂 Stay blessed!


    • suyashchopra says:

      You are most welcome, Maria, for your kind words and wishes. Its always delightful to read your thoughts woven in letters.


  4. Noble thoughts, Suyash! It does mean a lot of efforts at the individual level and yet that’s where our strength lies…
    See, what i’ve found for you on this 🙂
    “Rise like lions after slumber,
    in unvanquishable number.
    Shake your chains to earth like dew,
    which in sleep had fallen on you.
    Ye are many, they are few.”
    – Shelley, 1817


    • suyashchopra says:

      I completely agree with you. Our strength is humongous, probably what requires is a proper channel. Poems of Shelley has always been so inspirational and so true. These are giant like lines from a master poet of all generations. Thanks for sharing with all of us.


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  8. The world according to your dream, looks like an ideal world 🙂

    But I think we could find many an approximations here too.

    I can’t name any place for the time being, but I won’t mind going to Coorg in south Karnataka any number of times.

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    • suyashchopra says:

      Yes, why not. Unless it is aspired to make the world better, it may not even get closer to that, with so many issues threatening. However I agree with you that it’s too much for an asking.

      I had a small trip to Coorg and without doubt, its the Scotland of India. Pristine, beautiful and enchanting. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

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