Blessing of Letters

Aashayein Foundation Indradhanush

Aashayein Foundation ‘Indradhanush’

Every year, Aashayein Foundation, a non-profit organization co-founded and run by me in Hyderabad (India), organizes a drawing and painting competition for underprivileged children living in various orphanages of the city. The event is called Indradhanush in Hindi language, which means Rainbow. It is aimed to identify the talent among children and hone their skills.

This photo was clicked during Indradhanush on 25th Dec, 2011. Around 150 girls of Aman Vedika Home for Girls, who do not have parents, had participated in the event where they showcased their skills with crayons, pencils, brush and colors. In this photograph, young girls are seen playing on the banner of the event, trying to touch the colors of rainbow. With the help of such organizations like Aman Vedika, Aashayein Foundation aims to fill the lives of these children with colors through the medium of education, so that once they grow up, they can achieve their dreams. Mission of the Foundation is to provide quality education to underprivileged students by sponsoring their education and work together with various government and aided schools of the city. (Read how we saved one government-aided school from being closed down and helped in its renovation)

Let us give them their rainbow and their sunlight! Let us give them the blessing of alphabets and letters!


Do you have any such experience? Did you volunteer for a non-profit? Share your experiences with us.

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10 Responses to Blessing of Letters

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  2. Swav says:

    I’ve just twitted this 🙂


  3. This is one great initiative, Suyash 🙂
    Yea, I am part of a small initiative, helping financially but couldn’t spent time with them.
    The photo you have taken is really beautiful, it really conveys the message 🙂


    • suyashchopra says:

      Thanks Sree for your kind words. And nice to know about your interest and contribution also. Every drop adds to the ocean and makes a difference, be it in terms of time, money or efforts. All are welcome for a cause. 🙂


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