Twist and Check-Mate in Carmel

Carmel 17-Mile Pacific Drive

Aha, what is a game of chess without its twists and turns!

Understandably, I was check-mate seeing this huge chess board with its majestic and proud seafarers standing tall against the blacks and whites. Captain of a big ship was in the shoes of king, flanked by a sexy mermaid as his queen. Second Officers were in the role of bishops. Rooks were substituted by lighthouses, and knights with helmsman. Other crew members took over from the pawns.

This souvenir drew my attention while I was walking on the downtown streets of Carmel, one of the most scenic neighborhoods along the 17-Mile Pacific Drive in California. There were beautiful art galleries, cool cafes and restaurants and with plenty of uptrend shopping options. One enters into this picturesque downtown after meandering through the amazing views on the Pacific, crossing Highway 1. Several joggers and dog-walkers greet you on both sides of the streets. And there was this game of chess. The Chess board epitomized the vastness of the Pacific and the valor of seafarers.

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17 Responses to Twist and Check-Mate in Carmel

  1. K.Z. says:

    i love the mermaids! fantastic twist 🙂 makes the game twice as fun


  2. A twisted chess board. Highly original and a great entry.


  3. frizztext says:

    you made me smile with your mermaid queen!


  4. Cool! Plus I Loved the description of it as much as I enjoyed viewing the artwork!


    • suyashchopra says:

      Glad that you enjoyed them. Your comments are so full of life and encouraging, as usual. This board was really very interesting and unexpected. I had never thought that someone could represent chess board in this fashion too. Must say, very imaginative and creative.


  5. seeker says:

    And not to mention the mermaid for a Queen?


    • suyashchopra says:

      O yes, Mermaid is the odd one out, if I can say so, as rest all are associated with a ship. But its always fascinating to have such beautiful and gorgeous Mermaid as the queen. Not to mention how many wars have been waged in the history of mankind for such ‘mermaids’, starting from Trojan War to Hindu mythologies. Some thought.


  6. solaner says:

    indeed, a very funny finding!


  7. znjavid says:

    Very cool chess board, but is it just me or is there not much difference between the knight and the pawns?


    • suyashchopra says:

      Thanks for your cool comment. Even I could not spot much difference between the two. Overall, I loved this piece of art coz it depicts the coastal town of Carmel in a very unique way….:


    • znjavid says:

      Yes it is very unique, I’ve driven along the Pacific in California many years back, but we didn’t stop at the towns. Must be full of good photo opportunities.


    • suyashchopra says:

      Wow. That’s cool. BigSur and 17-Mile drive are simply awesome. And getting into those smaller towns are like seeing setups from fairy land. They are cute and architecturally very excellent. Several chic shops and eateries. Greenery all around and Pacific at walking distances. Lots of photo opportunities, true….


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