Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts in Seattle

Before I flew for Seattle in the October of 2012, everyone told me to enjoy and immerse myself in the fall colors of Seattle – one of the best places in USA to witness Fall. And so did I. As expected the weather of Seattle was predictably unpredictable with light drizzle reaching the earth, just at any time of the day. And sunlight at the very next moment behind the clouds. Some say, its kind of depressing weather there due to the rain and months of low sunlight.

Elliot Bay Seattle

I was at the top of the Space Needle, enjoying the majestic view of the city and its suburbs, cloaked in fall colors. And then I saw this contrast where sunlight falling on the waters of Elliot Bay made a portion of the bay so bright, whereas rest of the bay was under the spell of the dark clouds. This contrast was made even more remarkable by the ferries dotting the Bay area. It seemed to me that apart from Seattle Mariners, the city was also the home ground for sun, with its ‘unusual’ game of hide-and-seek.

This is part of DailyPost – Weekly Photo Challenge.


Read posts on two cities of USA with contrasting weather conditions prevailing there.

First the photo story on the city ofMinneapolis, covered in white linen of snow – another USA city with extreme weather conditions.

And second on how the strong sun rays can give a different hue to the city of New York and its monuments.


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8 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts in Seattle

  1. Nice shot for the theme, the contrast range here is just awesome 🙂


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