Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette at the Banks of River Ganges

River Ganga

I was sitting on the banks of the River Ganges in my hometown, Bhagalpur, deep in my thoughts, admiring the beauty of one of the most sacred rivers of India. It seemed the water flowed at times, and paused for next few seconds, taking a nap during her long course from the Himalayas before embracing the sea – Bay of Bengal. She must be tired with this perpetual journey. Thousands of people come to her, taking a holy dip in the water to wash off the sins of their life. Definitely, it took lot of courage, wisdom and kindness to forgive the vices of lesser mortals. What does it take humans to make allowance at the misdeeds of others? Do we possess those virtues to bear no malice against them?

And then, I was nudged from my musings. At a distance, there was this group of five youngsters who had come to enjoy the sunset and to pose for photographs. It is difficult most of the times for a photographer to defy his inner conscience and not take a shot at such a beautiful moment. River Ganges and the setting sun formed the background and the five human forms completed my sight. Reflection of the sun made it more vivid.

This was part of Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Silhouette. More posts here.


Check more photos of evening twilight when I visited New York and Madrid.


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14 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette at the Banks of River Ganges

  1. Ganga Mata is a great river, it’s a shame that it’s so polluted. I saw a documentary (BBC?) where they said that it picked up 80% of it’s pollution where it’s running through Varanasi. I didn’t visit Varanasi, but I spent a few months in Rishikesh and absolutely loved the place.


    • suyashchopra says:

      That’s the irony, Guzman. Despite being such a great and holy river, people have polluted it. But the new govt shows new resolve to clean it. Let’s see n I am hopeful Ganga Mata will return to its yesteryear glories which we have never witnessed.

      Yes, Rishikesh and Varanasi are amazing places, and especially for photographers and people who like spirituality. Rishikesh, closer to Himalayas, is more scenic though. Thanks for visiting my post and for your thoughtful comments. :):)


    • Rishikesh was definitely a scenic place. At first I spent 3 weeks there, then traveled to Nepal before I returned to Rishikesh for 5 weeks. It’s very peaceful, beautiful and nice there. Fantastic nature!


    • Hmmm…..you are in completely love with Rishikesh n that’s why you spent 8 weeks there. Its a very mystical and spellbinding place. River Ganges at its best and the evening Aarti on its banks. And the view of Himalayas and the pristine nature just hooks any traveler. Glad you enjoyed so much there. India is a very enchanting place definitely with lot to see and for everyone. 🙂

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  2. I love the interaction between the sun, the river and the girls – magical.
    Thanks so much for your visit 🙂


  3. words4jp says:

    This photo is just stunning. So many elements, yet simply gorgeous.


  4. Your musings were just as beautiful as your photo. Insightful. 🙂


  5. znjavid says:

    Beautiful photo and nice write-up.


  6. A really nice submission for the Silhouette challlenge, great colour to the sky and reflection on the water.


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