Had Scotland voted YES….


For a traveler like me, who measures his life not by the number of years i live, but by the count of countries i visit, this may have been adverse. Being such a beautiful and pristine country, who would want to miss Scotland, just because visa regimes became strict, if it were. Currently, anyone who has United Kingdom (UK) visa can enter Scotland. And few fortunate ones do not even require a UK visa. When you are traveling from Britain to Scotland by road or rail, you do not have an immigration checkpoint at the border (Actually, there is nothing called Border between Britain and Scotland!).

You may touch down upon Heathrow Airport or Edinburgh airport, immigration checks are similar. Your UK visa is valid, everywhere. (Read how my USA visa on my Indian passport allowed me entry into Mexico)

But as things existed till yesterday, fate of my Scotland visa was hanging by a razor-thin margin. What if after independence and becoming a sovereign country, Scots had imposed a strict visa norms? What if for some nationalities, you had to take visa before landing on Scotland airports? Your UK visa were not sufficient to enter the land of bagpipers? More hassles, more preparations, more waiting time before you embark on your trip, more Google search for visa norms. Whether Scots will allow visa-on-arrival or free visa regime or a stay of 30-days or 90-days, would have occupied another extra and unwelcoming ‘row’ in your excel sheet of bucket-list countries. Plan for Scottish currency, rather than just relax with the thought that you have sufficient Pounds left after roaming around Britain.  Were i to miss those splendid castles, or seeing the Scottish pride – unicorns- or play on the cradle of golf at St. Andrews or sit quietly perched on that cobbled and derelict bridges, set against a picturesque countryside. Oh my God! Mere thought of all these obvious manifestations in my mind had me jittery, only till yesterday. Like every other Brit and Scot, i also had my own fear and anxiety.

Result: I was awake late yesterday night, just to witness LIVE if Scots had voted for a visa regime or a world free of visas.

A traveler and explorer like me, would love to see a tomorrow where every country opens up its doors and windows – no boundaries – with no visas required, and wings to fly. Till then, i will sit on my couch with Scotch whisky in my hand, and watch the seasons change its colors, with ease and tranquility.

Photo courtesy: Google


This post is purely from the perspective of an individual’s travel and does not attempt to degrade or demean anyone’s rights and hence, should not be misconstrued or viewed in any other form.


Do let me know your thoughts on this. Do you support a visa-free travel? Have you ever envisioned a world where visa will be a thing of the past?

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7 Responses to Had Scotland voted YES….

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  2. margaret21 says:

    Sadly, travel to Britain generally may become trickier – at least for Europeans – thanks to the Hard Brexit proposals. You’re right, visa-free travel is a privilege we probably don’t appreciate sufficiently.

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    • Exactly. I hate having bounties and restrictions when it comes to travelling. Getting visa and paperwork consumes considerable amount of time, efforts and money as well. I wish this world were really one with no geographical boundaries, the utopian thought.

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    • margaret21 says:

      Indeed! Although getting my visa for India was an unforgettable, convivial experience that took the whole day.

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    • There should be a better way to handle visas for travellers, so that the experience is made sweet. India, in recent times, has opened up to many countries and citizens from these countries can apply for visa online. I believe it would help lot of fellow travellers visit and see the beauty of this country.

      Did you visit India after you got your visa? How was your experience like?


  3. <3 missus <3 says:

    Well, the Scottish are already being a bit particular with the money – I’ve often been asked if I didn’t have Scottish pounds on me rather than British pounds…^^ Worse – The Isle of Man!!! Sometimes they even refused taking the Scottish or British pounds I got from their own ATM machine on the island – hahaha :)!!!
    Regarding visas I must say I’m very lucky since I don’t need a visa for many countries, and for others it’s quite easy to get one. Some countries offer it when you enter the airport which is very handy and convenient and saves you a lot of hassle before your trip. Others just love torturing when you want to prolongue your visa entry by a few days or weeks by sending you back and forth – it can cost you a LOT of nerves in another country…!!! On the other hand, I know that my country also hassles people and wants to know a ridiculous amount of things before handing out a visa… I can understand both sides – the mere desire to want to travel the country and nothing more, and the fear of a country of having tourists staying on forever. It’s a tricky topic…^^

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    • O yes, I agree. It can be tricky at times. And you are really lucky that you do not require visa for most of the countries. I loved your small story on pound. Must have been an experience in itself for you. Hehehe 😉

      In many countries, visa regime is pretty tough and lots of hassles. Lot of paperwork. And sometimes tourists make things worse by not abiding the regulations of the particular country which makes things tough for other tourists. Result, visa rules get stricter and meaner.

      But Scotland is a beautiful country, whatever I have seen in the photographs. Will definitely visit it someday 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by dear and for your thoughts. Appreciate them 🙂

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