We Make Our Dreams Come True – Bryan Adams LIVE

Bryan Adams Minneapolis LIVE

Here I am this is me
There’s no where else on Earth I’d rather be
Here I am, it’s just me and you
And tonight we make our dreams come true

And what a dream come true it was for me!

(In this challenge of Cover Art, i have written my experience during the show of Bryan Adams and his unforgettable music, in the form of his song – Here I Am)

A singer, musician, composer, producer, actor, photographer and a social activist – all bundled in one Bryan Adams. He was there LIVE at State Theater, Minneapolis (USA) on 19th Oct. My wife and i had booked our show tickets for a romantic and memorable evening. And when we reached the venue, we were amazingly surprised to know that we are upgraded to better seats. Yes, we were much closer to Bryan Adams now.

State Theater Minneapolis

State Theater Minneapolis

Bryan Adams Show MinneapolisStraight from his concert in UK the previous day, he flew to Minneapolis just four hours before his live performance. And after the show, he was to travel to Chicago for the show on the very next day of his USA tour ‘The Bare Bones Tour’. Bare Bones is the 2010 acoustic Live album. Those were such indelible and phenomenal two-hours, enjoying his rock concert and hearing him sing LIVE.

It’s a new world it’s a new start
It’s alive with the beating of young hearts
It’s a new day it ‘s a new plan
I’ve been waiting for you
Here I am.

Once he arrived on the stage with his charismatic energy, i felt something has changed within.

The Bare Bones Tour, Minneapolis

Bryan Adams Show MinneapolisHaving lived my engineering days on the ‘diet’ of this Canadian singer, this was a lifetime moment to hear him LIVE and from so close a distance. One after another, he sang his mesmerizing numbers. His husky voice swooned the audience. He received standing ovation every time he belted out his popular hits. And the crowd simply went berserk. Women were the loudest of all, and quite understandably.

And that was just when he had begun.

Here we are we’ve just begun
And after all this time our time has come 
Ya here we are still goin’ strong 
Right here in the place where we belong

Bryan Adams Show Minneapolis

Bryan Adams Show Minneapolis

Everything I Do I Do It For You, Here I Am, 18 Till i Die, Please Forgive Me, Summer of 69, Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman, Lets Make a Night to Remember – And chart-busters kept on flowing from his guitar. At the age of 54, he is one of the handsome and sexiest singer. There is more to love him as a person. As an artist, he is incomparable and as a human being, he is very magnanimous. He is a champion of animals rights and had turned into a vegan when he was 29 years old. He has vowed to the cause of education through his non-profit – Bryan Adams Foundation.

Here I am next to you
And suddenly the world is all brand new
Here I am where I’m gonna stay
Now there’s nothing standing in our way
Here I am this is me

Bryan Adams Show Minneapolis

Bryan Adams Show Minneapolis

He had all of us in ruptures, and left us spellbound. He and his music is definitely gonna stay really very, very long within our unforgettable  and indebted souls.

This world ought to pay respect to his masterly music and his soulful and incredible contribution to this world. That is possible only when this world shuns violence and adopts a message of peace and brotherhood all around, treats fellow human beings with utmost compassion and live together in perfect together.

Only then, we make our dreams come true.


Do you like Bryan Adams music? Have you ever attended his Live music show? Do share your experiences. Or you may want to share your experience of any other rock concert of any popular singer.


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10 Responses to We Make Our Dreams Come True – Bryan Adams LIVE

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  2. I have always been a huge fan of his songs and his voice, I still can spend my time with his music n songs. Haven’t got chance to hear him live but hope some day I get that opportunity….loved your post.

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    • You will surely get to hear him Live, now that you are here. BTW, after Minneapolis, he had gone to Chicago for the show. I guess u did not know about it. Dont worry, there is always a next time.

      Thanks for your appreciation.

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  3. This is one superb post, Suyash, for the way you have written about this incredible singer with some great images and quoting lines from his all time hit songs 🙂

    He’s one of my favorite singer and great to see quite a lot of info. here about his life and work.

    A perfect post, I would like to call this one 🙂

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    • Thanks a lot, Sreejith, for your nice words. He is an amazing singer, heartthrob of millions. More than that, he is an amazing person too, as whatever I have read about him on public domain.

      Glad you dropped by the post and liked it so much. It makes my day…;)

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  4. Sue Slaght says:

    It sounds like you had a fabulous evening with Bryan Adams. I have heard him in the past year but it was a huge outdoor venue so very different. Still happy to see this talented Canadian musician.

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    • It was just awesome. Mesmerizing music and such a kind-hearted person in real life (through whatever i read about him in public domain). Thats why i think he has such a huge fan following.
      To describe his music and the experience really requires lot of talent in terms of writing. So I just picked up his song, to do the rest, and added few of my thoughts.

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