Covert Art: A Tryst with the Mayans….

Enough of writing blogs and posting photos clicked during my travels. Inspired by this week’s challenge to think big, i decide to pen a book – a travel book of my own experiences. My latest trip was to Mexico. Quite understandably then, let me attempt at writing about my tryst with the fun-loving and extremely hospitable Mexicans and the descendants of Mayan civilization. Trust me guys, the number one reason for me to visit this charming and adorable country was its people – with so much warmth and welcoming attitude.

As a first step, i am unraveling the cover art of my still to be written book in this post – “A Tryst with the Mayans: Mexico on a Shoe-String Budget”.


Do let me know what do you think about the cover art and the title of the book. If you want to add any specific experience of yours of Mexico and with Mexican people, please free to do so. In case, you want to collaborate with me over writing this book, we can co-author this book as well.


Read on how to plan a trip to Mexico, and about a colorful and quintessential Mexican city of Guanajuato – famous for Festival Internacional Cervantino (Last 2 days for the 42nd edition of the festival).

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14 Responses to Covert Art: A Tryst with the Mayans….

  1. mukhamani says:

    The cover art and the title is very good:) I enjoy reading your travel blogs.

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  2. Sue Slaght says:

    I really like your idea for the book and best of luck with it.
    Feel free to delete my comment but I thought you might find the link from WordPress useful. If you us more than 15 tags and categories combined your post will not show up in WordPress Reader. The reason I know is that it happened to me when I\ first started blogging last year so now I like to pass on the information. All the best. Sue

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  4. Love the cover art. It’s so vibrant and symbolic to your book. Best of luck ❤ 🙂

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  5. Best of luck with the book. Sounds interesting.


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