Postcard: With Love from Chile

In this cyber age, emails have replaced the hand-written ‘snail’ mails and postcards. In a jiffy, you can receive an important email or text through gmail, whatsapp, Hangout or numerous chat messengers. However, till few years back, people used to wait patiently, and wait with lot of exuberance for that ONE mail. Wait was fun then! Today technology, to a large extent, has outdated the concept of letters and postcards, and replaced them with bit of restlessness and impatience, apart from the innumerable positives.


And then, all of a sudden, one fine day, you open your letter-box (mail-box), and find a postcard addressed to you or your family. (Discount the plethora of printed letters from credit card companies and other sale promotion letters. ) It was a very blissful and amazing feeling. Firstly, Because we are planning a trip to Central and South America in 2015-16 and to receive a postcard of Chile was like the perfect icing on the cake.  Secondly, a handwritten postcard is such a wonderful thing and that too, from these two lovely people. My wife was all the more joyous and excited because – guess what – it was addressed to her. It was a postcard depicting Valparaiso – one of the major cities of Chile. WoW!


And guess who sent it? Ashray and Zara from Backpack Me. My wife had recently started following their travelogues and signed up on their site. You too can follow their amazing stories, from all across the world. As an Indian, most of the time, for all visa related issues of any country, the first website i look up is theirs. They have comprehensive coverage of most of the countries’ visa for Indian passport holders. Owners of such invaluable richness!

Thank you so much, Ashray and Zara. You are two wonderful people we know. Enjoy your trips and keep inspiring us to pack our bags as often as possible!

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8 Responses to Postcard: With Love from Chile

  1. Hi Suyash,

    We’re so happy our card brought a smile to your faces! We sent it with love and we’re glad you felt it at the other end! 😉 And WOW… thanks for actually writing a blog post about it.. that is very nice of you!

    Stay well and keep in touch,

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  2. Awwh a friendship beyond boundaries, eh ! Heart touching Suyash, The happiness in even small things in life 🙂

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  3. Aquileana says:

    Beautiful surprise!… Touching story!.
    Happy weekend to you, Aquileana: D

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