Celebrating the Achievement, Together…..!!!

Celebrating the Achievement

 Seeing them erupting in joy, what do you think the girl might be thinking?

This is part of Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement.


Some more Achievements

Read about my recent Blogging Award here.

Do you think this was an achievement for Scotland and Scots?

Enjoy my experience of first international conference (in Spain) presentation here.

Receiving a handwritten postcard all-the-way from Chile was also an achievement, don’t you think so?

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16 Responses to Celebrating the Achievement, Together…..!!!

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  2. Pingback: Finding Nemo in paper mache | Non perfect writing

  3. Fantastic Pic – the joy on the faces is unparalleled! 🙂

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  4. What a ecstatic photograph ! Truly captures the essence of Achievement Suyash, Great representation of this week’s challenge . Well done 🙂

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  5. I can’t help feeling this is something I see so often in Nepal. The guys doing things and the girls looking on.

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  6. Hand-written anything in this day of email, Facebook, etc., is something to cherish.


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  7. katpegimana says:

    What were the guys happy about? The girl must be thinking “the boys are crazy” hahaha…

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