Shadowed by Nothingness at Lake Calhoun

Lake Calhoun Minneapolis

When a 401-acre lake freezes and you can drive across the lake, you know it will entice you even more. So it did to me after i had seen it. Lake Calhoun in the downtown Minneapolis was all frozen with a thick sheet of ice formed across the the once majestic and beautiful lake during summer. Known for its infamous extreme winter, Minneapolis provides lot of photography opportunities in the winter. With my layers of warm clothing and camera in hand, i saw this beautiful view of the frozen Lake Calhoun, shadowed by nothingness.

More photos of this week’s challenge: Shadowed here.


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23 Responses to Shadowed by Nothingness at Lake Calhoun

  1. Geeta Sharma says:

    Dear Suyash Chopra,
    Frozen lakes where you can actually walk on them? This seems like serious thrill! Good work on the photograph. Enduring the infamous winter of Minneapolis and the many layers of warm clothing to click this lake is justifiable indeed.

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    • Hi Geeta, Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind words. I really appreciate that.

      O yes, the lakes in Minneapolis are so frozen that you can walk on it, skate, cycle through and people even drive through. And ice fishing too. There is a host of activities around these frozen lakes here. Its so much fun.

      And for me, fun begins with the camera. Layers of clothing is so so important here due to extreme winter but this year, locals say Minneapolis unexpectedly had a good winter, not so harsh. Even I feel it so compared to the last years winter and snowstorms. I am more glad this year 😉


  2. quarksire says:

    brrrrrrrrrrr……. stay warm dis 2015……. frum da’ Q 😎

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  3. Bipasha says:

    nothing better than a picture that frames itself, nice shot!

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  4. What a beautifully framed, moody photo. You captured the cold and silence perfectly. Best wishes, WG

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  5. bom76 says:

    Beautiful post Suyash!
    Thanks a lot!

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  6. Archita says:

    Beautiful capture of nothingness as shadow. Hope you had a great weekend. 🙂

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  7. Aquileana says:

    Beautiful post dear Suyash… All the best to you and happy week ahead ⭐
    Aquileana 😀

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  8. likeitiz says:

    Is it frozen enough for skating?

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  9. Tina Schell says:

    When a 401 acre lake can be driven it’s time to move to another state!!!

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    • Yeee…wonderful, Tina. I just loved that, it put a big smile on my face 🙂 🙂

      Or its time to explore more beauty around yourselves during winter. I know Minneapolis winter can be harsh though 🙂


  10. Helen C says:

    Hmm… I am quite familiar with the place, but I can’t figure out where you took this picture. The first year I came to MN, I rent a room from a lady who lived around lake of Isles. I Often drove by those lakes. Such a pretty place! Thanks for the photo. Helen

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    • Thanks Helen for your appreciation. Its the small bridge which connects Calhoun and Lake of Isles. I just happened to find it by chance that day and thought to explore it. Planning to visit again some day to take sunset shots from that point.

      Its such a beautiful place to live around. So much peaceful and tranquility sitting by the lakes 🙂

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