5 Day Black & White Challenge: Day 3

Monk in Bodh Gaya

I had always been confused with this whole idea of religion and God, and how to approach Him. Its not that i am an atheist. I do believe in the good deeds or Karma. I also have supreme faith in the principle that whatever happens in life, happens for good. Heaven or hell, everything is here, in this life itself, and nothing after death. So, some of these principles are the guiding force for me towards God and His greatest gift to us – LIFE. Do i need to wander around in temples, mosques or in churches to reach Him? I need to search Him within. You name it, and I can find Him everywhere.

Do i pray to God then? Yes, i do – while walking on the pavement, riding a train, eating my food, thinking of my loved ones, anything and everything i do. So, which are better ways to approach him – kneel before him, fold my hands, light a candle, or any of those ‘prescribed’ norms? I am sorry, i do not know about that. I just keep Him in my thoughts and in my actions towards my fellow beings. I am not a huge follower of rules though.

Religion to me is a way of life, a philosophy, a message that each one of us are equal. Its not a holy book or a scripture to me, not even about rituals, and least about any dogmas laid down by the so-called ‘voices of Gods’. Let me just be a free bird, enjoy this life without any bonding or fear.

Coming back to the photo above, I shot it on the trip to Bodh Gaya in Bihar – the place where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment, sitting under a tree. I too tried sitting under this tree for few minutes but the only enlightenment i achieved that day was, let me indulge in my passion – read, photography – and capture the images of those who are seeking enlightenment at that very moment. So, i set off in my mission, capturing the life around the temple. I saw this old Buddhist monk, deep in his prayers, siting in a far away corner of the temple premise. Watching him, i thought about the tranquility and purity of thought one experiences within our hearts, visiting such places.

So, let me tell you about the rules for this challenge. Fairly simple: 1. Post a black & white photo everyday for consecutive 5 days, and 2. Invite someone to participate each day. So, what are you waiting for? You all are invited to be part of it. Find my Day 1 and Day 2 photos here.

Since i need to invite someone specifically, let me today invite Sreejith from Santiago The Shepherd. I have always admired his photography skills, the way he composes his shots, the way he weaves the stories around them, the kind of diversity he brings about in his work. Absolute delight. You must visit his website. We always have conversation about our blogs and i get to learn a lot from his experiences and works. It would be super fun to watch his black & white shots for this challenge. Lets see what he has got up his sleeves from the enchanting land of Kerala – God’s Own Country.

Have fun, enjoy your life and do good always!

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11 Responses to 5 Day Black & White Challenge: Day 3

  1. Ruchi says:

    This photo speaks a lot. Nice capture here!
    Also your thoughts about God are similar to mine. I too believe that religion is a way of life and you have described it very well.

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  2. The first thing that comes to my mind about Kerala is backwaters. You on the other hand portrayed a new picture of Kerala which is “religion”, well captured.

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    • Yes Kerala is famous for its pristine backwaters and life around them. However, this photo was shot in another state of India – Bihar. Lord Buddha attained enlightenment Herr under the Bodhi tree, which exists even today. Keeping with yourself a fallen leaf from this tree is considered very sacred. 🙂

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  3. Archita says:

    I share similar religious view and agree with your thoughts on religion and God- “Let me just be a free bird, enjoy this life without any bonding or fear.”
    The photograph is stunning. 🙂


  4. Helen C says:

    Good morning, Suyash. Wonderful photo… you describe the photo very well.
    I find it very interesting that your thought about religion is exactly the same of mine, but you describe it much better. I wonder if that has something to do with how we grew up. With that said, I started reading some Buddhist book recently, because there are a not of “how to be a nice person” in it…
    Just got back from a short break in Scottsdale. Now I am going back to check your other photos…


  5. Impressive image. I thought at the beginning you took it in one of temples in Indonesia 🙂
    Truly appreciate your thoughts on religions and I agree with your view.
    Additionally, I admire Sreejith photography as well, I hope he will join the challenge and I am looking forward to see his images 🙂

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