Photo Blog: Fresh Snow in Minneapolis


Hopefully this is the last snow of this season. After a long spell of cold winter, spring is round the corner. But the experiences and short trips we had during the winter were indeed memorable.

Immediately after this particular snowfall, we decided to visit Cathedral of St. Paul, located on a small hill in the city of St. Paul, Minnesota. This Cathedral is one of the largest churches of USA and it has beautiful interior architecture illuminated with stained glass windows. You can see snow residing over the dome of the Cathedral in this photo.

Cathedral of St Paul Minnesota

Idea of this trip was to capture photos of Cathedral after the snowfall. But as they say the journey itself proved to be more exciting. Our trip was interspersed with lot of photo opportunities of fresh snow. It was a bright sunny day. City had a flurry of snow and it was covered in the beautiful linen of fresh white snow, which often shone in the brilliance of the sunlight.

Snowfall in Minneapolis

Snowfall in  Minneapolis

Today in this blog, I have captured the ‘mood’ of fresh snow and how it transforms the whole landscape. Read one of my previous photo blog on Minneapolis winter. This is part of Weekly Photo Challenge: Snow. You can find more photos here.

Snowfall in Minneapolis

Snowfall in Minneapolis

Cathedral of St Paul

For this year, this will be the last blog on winter. Waiting for the beautiful colors of spring and nature blossoming up with the floral pattern over the landscapes. What are your thoughts and activities planned for the upcoming spring and summer?


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29 Responses to Photo Blog: Fresh Snow in Minneapolis

  1. Beautiful captures though I’m glad I’m on the milder west coast

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  2. Your photos are beautiful!!

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  4. beautiful photos, you have a wonderful blog 🙂

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  5. Amy says:

    Love these beautiful photos!

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  6. Great photos…We actually got snow too recently about 3 days ago…I really wish spring could come already!

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  7. The photographs are splendid Suyash. These are definitely my most favorite photographs taken by you. Absolutely beautiful ! 🙂

    Hope you have spring soon 😉

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    • Thanks so much Zee. Your appreciation mean lot to me. It makes my day 🙂

      This spring I am waiting eagerly to shoot Cherry Blossom festival in Washington DC. Hope I will be able to shoot them soon and upload pictures on my blog for all of you to enjoy. Till then, have a great time and enjoy your life 🙂


  8. Ruchi says:

    Beautiful captures of the snow here Suyash! I loved the second picture with the Cathedral in the backdrop.

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    • Thanks a lot Ruchi. I am glad you liked them.

      This photo of the Cathedral I clicked from a far away location in the street when I saw the first glimpse of it. I was not sure how it will turn out to be. So, I added snow and this plant in the foreground to create a better composition. I was struck by the snow accumulated on the dome of the cathedral which I definitely wanted to capture in this shot, as it had snowed just few hours before our trip.

      Have a great week dear 🙂


  9. Norma says:

    Beautiful photos Suyash. I loved the first mono…the lamp post, I guess.

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  10. bom76 says:

    I like very much the snow.
    When snowing I ‘m always very happy!:-)
    Beautiful photo!

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  11. Helen C says:

    Beautiful photos, Suyash. I haven’t been inside of this Cathedral… driving by it all the time. Maybe I will visit it sometime this year. Thanks.

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