Early Morning in Mexico City

Morning in Mexico CityMexico City is a very big and densely populated city. You roam around the city at any time of the day, you will find lot of people and tourists all around you. Early morning is the only exception.

We had checked in our hotel just the last evening in the zona centro. Downtown is such a bustling market place with lot of street vendors, tourists and people around. This particular street in the photograph had an ocean of humanity around it. But look at it in the wee hours of morning before sunrise, it was completely deserted. Not a soul, not a vehicle. What a contrast! I wish i had the photo of evening as well to show you the contrast. Last evening, we had seen the famous Ballet Folklorico de Mexico in the downtown.

I am generally not an early riser but when it comes to travel, i am always game for it. This was one such occasion when we were traveling to Puebla Cholula in the morning for a day trip from Mexico City.

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31 Responses to Early Morning in Mexico City

  1. Me, too, is an early riser when I’m in a foreign land…! Enjoy the Mexican hot foods…!

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  2. Beautiful. I can feel the quiet, too.

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  3. dray0308 says:

    I agree that a great contrast would be a photo at night compared the deserted early morning photograph

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  4. True Mexico says:

    Great photo! I need to get up earlier more often…I am from the UK and living in Mexico City. Wonderful to see you are having a nice time here. How long are you here for? If you are interested I vlog about my life in Mexico on my ‘True Mexico’ YouTube channel 🙂

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    • Thanks a lot for dropping by and your appreciation. Glad to know about you. We had visited Mexico last year for 10 days and it was an awesome experience. Will surely check your YouTube channel 🙂


  5. Hey,I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. 🙂


  6. andy says:

    An equally rare sight in Indian cities 😉 I love the early morning people free, vehicle free roads of Delhi 😀
    Superb capture !

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  7. Norma says:

    That’s a pleasant early morning photo Suyash. 🙂

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  11. Cities have an eerie feel when they are deserted. Your photo portrays this.

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    • I completely agree with you. And especially when you had seen so many people and vehicles just few hours back and now you have not a single soul to be seen. It was really eerie.

      Thanks for dropping by my post Irene. I really appreciate that. Have a nice weekend 🙂

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    • Yes I think cities are meant to have people and noise and bustle – that is why I am glad I don’t live in a big city. When you have it like this you start questioning all your thoughts. I really enjoyed this early morning stroll.

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    • I agree with you. Cities are meant to have fast pace life with crowd around. Staying in a smaller quiet place lets one live life at its own pace and lot of time for oneself. This deserted street in the morning looked as if time has paused for some time, as if this whole place which was divided among so many place few hours before, is all mine now.

      I glad you enjoyed this shot and we could share our thoughts and are having an interesting discussion. It evokes lot of thoughts 🙂

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    • and enjoy your weekend also. 🙂

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  13. Archita says:

    A beautiful morning captured! I loved this photo, Suyash.

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  14. Helen C says:

    Suyash, how long are you going to be there? I am looking forward to more photos. If this makes you feel better… I appreciate you got up early and took this photo 😉
    Have a great time there!

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    • Helen, this is the photo I took last year when we were there. It was a ten day trip with my wife to Mexico. This shot was during one such morning when we got ready really early to catch bus for Puebla.

      When traveling, I always prefer early hours so that I have more time to explore the place 🙂 Thanks for the visit Helen.

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