Twelve Apostles in Melbourne

Twelve Apostles Melbourne

It was a cloudy and misty day at Twelve Apostles, a must-visit attraction during the Great Ocean Road trip when you are in Melbourne (Australia). During my stay of one week in Melbourne, i was quite determined to take this day-trip, just to see the magic of nature occurring since millions of years. Twelve Apostles, as the name suggests, are twelve huge columns of limestone off the sea coast and formed by the strong forces of nature. Erosion due to sea waves and wind has given rise to these massive structures, which one simply cannot miss admiring at. Standing at the edge of cliff, they present the breathtaking view of the sea in front of you. You are just awestruck at the nature then. (Check more photos of this attraction in my earlier post)

Twelve Apostles are part of Port Campbell National Park in the state of Victoria in Australia, which has been developed for the preservation of unique marine life of Victoria State. It is mentioned that these apostles are “standing as sentinels over an underwater paradise”.

How to Reach: To reach this park and apostles, you can take a day-trip from Melbourne downtown.  A full-day trip costed me AUD 79. Alternatively, you can drive 275 km west of Melbourne to reach this spot.

Admission Fees: Entrance to this park and apostles are absolutely FREE.

What to Do: Once you are here, you have the option to soak in the beauty of the place with a helicopter ride. And mind you, this ride is by no means cheap. A ride of approx 10 minutes will make you poorer by AUD 80. Another thing to do is climb down the flight of steps to the sea beach and walk bare-footed on the long beautiful beaches stretching till infinity. Or lie down on your back reading a book and experiencing the pristine beauty of nature. This marine park is very famous for surfing as the sea waves are really good and strong. So, all you surfers, do not miss the adventure on the waves.


This post is part of Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature.

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20 Responses to Twelve Apostles in Melbourne

  1. Candia says:

    Wonderful. Saw them 2 days before Xmas, 2014. Think there are only 10 of them now, as some eroded and fell into the ocean.

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    • You are right. There are less than 12 now. Few have fallen into the ocean due to Strong forces of wind and water.

      These are stunning sights to see. Glad to know that you have seen them. Thanks for dropping by my post Candia 🙂

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  2. This is a place I have always wanted to visit. Hopefully by the time I do they will still be standing. Lovely photo.


  3. Wow…this is such an amazing picture ! brilliant..and great post too 🙂

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  6. claowue says:

    Great picture. The colours are wonderful!

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