Tri-City Flower Show 2015

Tri-City Flower Show 2015 Bloomington

Having selected this shot for this week’s challenge – trio, I am wondering now what forms trio in this shot. Is it the three roses? Or the combination of saucer, cup and flowers?

Coincidentally, there is a third trio as well, which is the actual event itself where i shot it. I captured this image during the Tri-City Flower Show 2015, held in the summer of this year at Southtown Shopping Center, Bloomington. Cities of Richfield, Bloomington and Edina formed this trio. The show was presented by the Edina Garden Council, Richfield Garden Council and Bloomington Affiliated Garden Clubs.

That weekend, i was passing by the shopping center when i noticed this flower show and stopped by. My plan was to spend an hour at the flower show. But then luckily or unluckily (lucky because i could spend uninterrupted 3 hours at the show, and unlucky because those three hours caused a dent in my pocket, courtesy my wife shopping!), my wife decided to go for shopping at the center and i was there all alone appreciating the beauty of nature and the efforts of these gardeners. Interestingly this was my first visit to a flower show since few years. The show was very impressive in terms of the variety of flowers at display, both in the award winning section and the exhibition sections.

Ultimately both my wife and i returned back home very content and effervescent. My wife had reason owing to her shopping bag filled to the brim and i had my own share of joy in the form of many such interesting shots. I will share more photos from this flower show in my future posts.

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19 Responses to Tri-City Flower Show 2015

  1. Kat says:

    Hahah, looking forward to seeing more of the flower shots!

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  2. Amy says:

    Excellent! Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful photos. 🙂

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  3. Where I live is also called the Tri Cities; obviously a common name

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  4. J M Lysun says:

    An interesting composition! 🙂

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  5. Debbie says:

    What a beautiful shot of three pink roses in a pink rose cup!

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  6. arv! says:

    Simple picture but quite apt for the WPC -trio theme!

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  7. Helen C says:

    I thought it was the 3 leaves on the cup – 2 sets of 3. Ha ha… Looking forward to seeing more of the flower show.

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  8. smilecalm says:

    3 times
    the joy 🙂

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