Blood Red Supermoon Total Eclipse

Blood Red Supermoon Eclipse, Minneapolis

These are the pictures of once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon of Blood Red Supermoon Eclipse that took place last year on 27/28 September, 2015. Total eclipses of super full moons are rare. It is estimated that the next total eclipse of the Supermoon will not happen for another 17 years, until October 8th, 2033.

Blood Red Supermoon Eclipse, Minneapolis

The building that you see in the pictures is the corporate headquarter of BestBuy Inc. in Richfield, Minneapolis. Since it was difficult for me at that moment to travel to a really nice location to shoot this phenomenon, i decided to form this building as my spot. As you can see in both the pictures, the color of the moon is the unusual red color, which is in sharp contrast to the soothing white color of the usual days. Eclipse had taken place after i had shot these pictures.

This post is inspired by Weekly Photo Challenge: Look up.

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15 Responses to Blood Red Supermoon Total Eclipse

  1. Very good combination of moon and building on the first shot. Colours integrated 😉

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  2. Canuck Carl says:

    This is amazing! The white building and red moon really contrasts beautifully! 🙂

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  3. Sabiscuit says:

    Blood red supermoon – super awesome. xoxoxoxo

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  4. What an amazing click !!

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  6. Timelesslady says:

    Looks great…the building is a good backdrop.

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    • I am glad you liked it. Thanks so much. Idea was to have this building in the picture so that it enhances the beauty of the moon. Thanks for visiting my page. Have a good weekend!


  7. Helen C says:

    What great picture, Suyash. (Have I missed a lot of your posts? I hope not.)
    Have a great evening.

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    • Hi Helen, sorry for my late response. I had been quite busy with other stuffs like travel and hence I could not post much in May and June. So, you have not missed any of my post, for sure.

      Thanks so much for appreciating these photos. You have a great weekend!


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