Badlands National Park at Sunset

Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Do you find the ‘cherry on top‘ in this photo? Or over the top of these hills?

This is the shot of wilderness in Badlands National Park. This is a beautiful, rugged, barren country of spires, buttes, pinnacles and several picturesque geological formations that have stood tall here, though eroded with times, since millions of years in South Dakota. The unique geological formations were mesmerizing. Layers of deposits and erosion over millions of years have given these structures unique multitude and rings of colors which can be seen in this shot.

According to me, the icing on the cake in this shot is the pink color of sunset which made my trip to this National park truly memorable. I specifically wanted to take shots of sunrise and sunset in this wilderness, and i am glad i could capture it during this road trip in USA. In this centennial year of National Park Service, which maintains and manages these beautiful national parks in USA, it was exciting to visit my first National Park in USA. In the  last couple of months, i have visited three national parks in USA – Badlands, Wind Cave and Yellowstone – and there are more i plan to visit. Trips have just begun, more photos will soon trickle in.

Hope you enjoyed this shot of Badlands National Park.

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16 Responses to Badlands National Park at Sunset

  1. Irene says:

    Wow! Gorgeous. 😊

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  2. Fascinating landscape. The Badlands continues into Canada (Alberta) where it’s impressive too.

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  3. Nguyenmk says:

    Great moment capture !

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