Gooseberry Falls, Minnesota

Gooseberry Falls, Minnesota

This shot is of Gooseberry Falls, located in the state of Minnesota, USA. The falls is part of the Gooseberry Falls State Park, which is located 13 miles north of the small town of Twin Harbors on the scenic Minnesota Highway 61. One of the most visited spots and falls in the state, there are four waterfalls in this state park. This shot is of the Middle falls. There are Lower Falls, Upper Falls and Fifth Falls as well. Except for the Fifth Falls, which requires some hiking, all other falls are close to the parking lot and are easily accessible.

This shot of inspired by the weekly challenge: H20.

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19 Responses to Gooseberry Falls, Minnesota

  1. Kamila Pala says:

    Beautiful place and great shot! Bye. Kamila

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  2. LiveYounique says:

    I love Gooseberry!! Awesome photo (:


  3. Nguyenmk says:

    Great capture and great water falls

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  4. Helen C says:

    Yeah, so nice to see your post, Suyash. What happened to the photo of the other falls? 😉
    Have a wonderful day/evening.

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    • Hello Helen, thanks for visiting my post. Yes, I had been away from blogging since quite some time. Hope to be more consistent now.

      Others Falls – I visited only the lower and middle falls. Did not have time to visit Upper falls and trek the distance to Fifth Falls. That leaves me with another trip to Gooseberry Falls. I love these parks in North Shore. They are awesome. I am sure you too must have visited them many times 🙂

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    • Helen C says:

      Yes, Gooseberry falls are beautiful. You know your post explains one thing to me. I remember the first time I visited the fall, it was in a different place. At that time, I thought that was Gooseberry fall and that’s it. And I was surprised to find out lower/middle/upper falls recently. I wondered what had happened to the fall I saw long time ago. After reading your post, I am sure the fall I saw before is the Fifth fall. THANKS!
      Glad to have you back, even though I didn’t blog often either 😉


    • Very interesting. When I went to Gooseberry, I knew there are more than one falls there. Fifth falls is the one which requires some extra hiking coz in the map of the park, it’s towards north of the visitor center. I don’t remember seeing pics of Fifth Falls but it must be beautiful. So will venture out for this falls in my next trip.

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  5. arv! says:

    Great capture suyash! Good to see you after a long time! Hope you are doing great and enjoying the fatherhood! 🙂

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