Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful

Sunset at Lake Nokomis Minneapolis

Nature has its own way to grace and reward the lesser mortals like us. And i would categorize this photograph under one such category. Plan was to do a photo shoot of my 6 month old daughter on Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis in the early spring of 2016. There were clouds in the sky, which made me more excited in the hope of a dramatic sunset. But the nature had some other plans. An hour before the sunset, the rays of sun sneaked out from the clouds and fell on the lake and the surrounding. It was a brilliant moment and how i could have resisted the temptation to point my camera towards the action. I found these two guys kayaking on the lake, which according to me added the point of interest, along with providing the foreground to this image. Having captured this image, i was pretty satisfied and decided to call it a day, without waiting for the sunset and twilight colors.

When i looked at the image in my laptop, i decided to post-process this into a black and white image so that i can make the rays more prominent and add more drama to the whole scene. Check out more photos of this week’s challenge here.

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12 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful

  1. Helen C says:

    Amazing photo, Suyash. So… did you take any photo of your daughter that day? 😉

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    • Hehehe….Yes I definitely took her photos. That was the whole plan. I have lots of her photos in my disc. It’s impossible not to shoot her photos when we are outside – either cellphone or with my SLR.

      This shot though was never in the plan and as it’s said, most of the times, unplanned stuffs are pleasant surprise 🙂

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  2. Moon says:

    Mind blowing!

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  3. nomadwrites says:

    Wonderful. yes, the monochrome gives it more depth making the rays prominent. Beautifully done and the word is magnificently beautiful.

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  5. arv! says:

    Wow! What a capture!

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