Washington Memorial

Washington Memorial

My plan that evening was to capture Lincoln Memorial at the sunset. I had left the office slightly before my usual time, only to realize that it was cloudy with slight drizzle. I walked towards the Lincoln Memorial with my camera. I got some decent shots of the monument but i was not satisfied. Moreover, as usual, there was a huge crowd gathered and being a Friday, did not help either. There was no way i could just isolate the Lincoln Memorial. After few attempts, i gave up and decided to walk towards the Washington Memorial, which lies exactly opposite to the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall in Washington DC.

I turned my back to the Lincoln Memorial, and what i saw is captured in this post. As it had rained the evening, after sunset hour, sky had turned pink and the beautiful reflection of the lit-up Washington Memorial in the pool looked stunning. Everyone seemed to enjoy the beautiful Lincoln Memorial that evening. Washington Memorial looked, to me, lonely and standing tall, kissing the skies. It is said that as you go ‘higher’ in life, you tend to be more in solitude. Here it was the wonderful piece of architecture living that philosophy.

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11 Responses to Washington Memorial

  1. Spectacular capture and indispensable and accurate the final reflection. I liked both things.
    An embrace and excellent week ahead for you !

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  2. Politics Unraveled says:

    Just beautiful. I love this city. Thank you for reminding me of its beauty in these strange times.

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  3. Helen C says:

    Amazing photo, Suyash. I didn’t know the Washington Memorial would light up like that.
    You didn’t move there, did you? MN wants you to stay 😉
    I am doing well. Stayed at home a lot… when it was very cold, but a lot of projects to do at home like working on a photo book… etc.
    Spring is coming soon, I hope. Plan to go out to shoot more this year 😉
    Have a wonderful day.

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    • Thanks Helen. Yes Washington Memorial is lit up every night and it looks beautiful at night with its reflection in the pool.

      I was in DC for few months in 2015. But I am very much in Minnesota currently. Nice to know how you are sending your winter. Yes, spring will be there shortly. And it’s getting warmer now here.

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  5. Amy says:


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