Willow River State Park, Wisconsin

Willow River State Park

I often wonder how rivers and streams keep flowing relentlessly without stopping and taking a pause. They are always in the transient state, and travel far and wide. Couple of weeks back, we had visited Willow River State Park in Wisconsin. This state park is less than an hour drive from Minneapolis. Park has a beautiful waterfall, and you can check out its picture in my previous blog. (Check the shot of another waterfall – Gooseberry Falls in Minnesota – here.) There are good, well marked trails leading to the fall and pretty view of the river itself.

Being summer, there were many people and families with kids having fun in the water. Some were simply relaxing, enjoying the falling water, and there were few like me, who wanted to capture the beautiful scenery. I wanted to avoid people in my shot, which proved difficult for me. Hence, i decided to capture smaller streams of the fall, and i was not disappointed with the long exposure shot like this one. Hope you like this week’s photo from my adventures. Have a wonderful week.

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16 Responses to Willow River State Park, Wisconsin

  1. Chris Karas says:

    Amazing photography. I blogged about an area in upper Michigan you might want to check out. I know it would be a drive, but it would be well worth the trip. I’d love to see what you could do with a place like Wagner falls.

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    • Thanks so much Chris for your sweet comment. Your posts are very informative. I have been to some places in WI including Door County, but would love to visit more places. Thanks for sharing your posts.


  2. Canuck Carl says:

    A beautiful effect. Was reading how you did it. A long exposure. So breathtaking! 🙂

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  3. Amazing pictures clicked: Tumbhimall

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  4. quarksire says:

    AwesomE! 🙂 ShoT! 🙂 luv it ❤

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  5. arv! says:

    Great capture. Slow shutter speed? Or filter?

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  6. mukhamani says:

    Rivers are so much a part of our lives, it is impossible to imagine our world without them. Good photo 🙂

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  7. Thank you
    Fantastic photos
    Good luck

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