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I Long To

Daily Prompt: The Wanderer – Tell us about the top five places you’ve always wanted to visit. GO! I LONG TO Where there is one religion called humanity, And everyone speaks only one language of love. Where perpetual peace and … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top of Anticipation

In Hindu religion, a human life is divided into four phases, which are called ‘aashrams‘. First stage is the early stage of education, called ‘Bramhacharya‘, where humans are expected to attain knowledge and skills to lead his future life. This … Continue reading


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Who Needs Visa

Visa trouble? Love trouble? Nothing new. This world is still not accessible and available for everyone. We will have to wait for more few years and more agreements between nations, drawing fences. Until then, the age old show featuring ever- … Continue reading

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Death, The New Life

Life, why are you afraid? Why do you drop tears? Why do you get feeble?                              This is but a part of you.                                Life, try hear children’s glees, Not just the silence of eyes New leaf sprouts on trees … Continue reading

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WINGS   I want to fly, Give me wings, Or make me a bird, But let me fly.   To see through the sun, Or ride my mystic colors. Enjoy the earthy fun, Life in all its flavors.   Give … Continue reading

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