Computer Education = Magic Box

Aashayein Foundation Hyderabad has started computer classes in its Shikshana Abhiyana (SA) schools. You are invited to be part of this new beginning. We are also inviting volunteers – part-time as well as full-time alongwith paid teachers for taking classes – English and computer classes – at various SA schools. Once this pilot is success, we plan to bring in more technology interventions where we would require more support.

I had an amazing experience when i went to Susheela Memorial School, Punjagutta to teach computer to the kids. They were very excited to see the computer. All of them were like glued to the table on which computer was placed. Small girls were wondering what this box will do. Some children thought its a magic box which will solve their problems of studies and homework and they can get education through this ‘magic box’. I told to them that this keyboard is like a pencil for them, the mouse is like their fingers and the monitor is the white or black-board for them. And thus began the magic. They typed their names on word application. Then their names were dipped in colors and fonts of various sizes and types. Few giggled, few had sparks in eyes, few wanted one more opportunity to type, and few were helping other children searching for the alphabets on the keyboards. Never seen such an excitement among these students.

Then we switched over to powerpoint and the magic wand brought more things under ambit. Now they can change slides, they can do custom animation, they added sounds against their names. They were learning magic now like Harry Potter. They were feeling very excited in the ‘Hogwarts School’.

For most of them, these computers were like a magic box which they thought will solve their problems of studies and homework and they can get education through this ‘magic box’. If they can think on these lines of problems and solutions, why cant you wake up to their problem of education and do something about it. Its now or never…

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8 Responses to Computer Education = Magic Box

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  2. Sapna says:

    It’s a great experience of teaching these inquisitive children and personally witnessed the excitement and happiness on their faces.. 🙂


  3. Sekhar Vadari says:

    Keep up the good work Suyash


  4. gayatri says:

    I wish I was there!!!! 🙂


  5. Sadiq says:

    Seekhega India jabhi to badega India….
    Great work guys….
    Hats off to Aashayein Foundation!!!!


  6. Sudhanshu Shekhar says:

    Great work …. Aashayein is doing what governments have failed to do …
    Computer Education is a basic necessity. Hope we can work together to sprad the “Magic”.


  7. Jeyna Grace says:

    Magic evolves with technology.. LOL


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