A Trip in the Making: Mexico

Mexico Trip

I am quite excited about the next few days. How successful I have been planning our Mexico trip (with my spouse on the occasion of our upcoming first anniversary) will be revealed then. This is going to my longest trip ever – a fortnight. And for this fortnight trip, I had been planning since a fortnight now. While planning for Mexico, I have already visualized and experienced the beautiful landscape of Mexico (highlands on the central part and lowlands along the coast of Riviera Maya), the warmth of the Mexicans, its cultural richness and several magnificent historical monuments.

In this blog, let me mention some important aspects of planning a trip.

  1. Place – Select the country and read about it as much you can. This time, our selection is Mexico.
  2. Your Budget – Be aware of how much you wanna spend. Allocate an approximate budget. This determines important parameters of the trip, like places you visit, type of accommodation, and duration of trip, off-season or peak tourist time, mode of travel and others. For Mexico, any time of the year is good to travel. So, we chose March as temperatures are good around this time with low probability of rainfall.
  3. Visa – Check whether visa is required before your travel or visa-on-arrival facility exists. If visa has to be obtained, plan for it and schedule your trip accordingly. This should your most important milestone of planning because any delay in securing visa can scuttle your plans. Interestingly, an Indian citizen holding any long-term valid visa of USA, like H1B, H4, L1, L2 or F and J series do not require a Mexican visa. Just pack up and fly. What a relief!
  4. When to Travel – Generally, for a backpacker trip (true for our Mexico trip), a visit during the peak season could be an expensive affair. And did I not say that you can be in Mexico any time of the year! Carnivals and festivals can be good lure but that also burns a hole in your pocket. Remember, Mexico is not a very cheap place. Still if planned meticulously and well in advance, you end up saving money for your next few trips. Sounds good?
  5. Duration of Trip – Allocate number of days for the trip. Drain yourself looking for deals and discounts available with the airlines, hotels, hostels, travel companies, etc.
  6. Book Flight Tickets – Compared to flights at bigger airports, flying into smaller, nearby airports, is more economical at times. Subscribe to mails of various airlines. Set price alerts on websites like Kayak. Check for multi-city tickets. You may plan to fly into Mexico City and out of Cancun or vice-versa, for example. We planned it such. Did you forget anything? Ah, your frequent travel air miles.
  7. Itinerary – Before booking the flight tickets, you must have had just a cursory glance. Now plan at a granular level. For Mexico trip, after much deliberations, our thumbs up was for these places: Mexico city (obviously, one of the finest cities of the world!), Cancun (one of the best beach resorts of the world with aqua-colored seawater), Puebla (flanked by volcanoes), Cholula (largest pyramid in terms of volume), Guanajuato (beautiful walking city with cobblestoned alleys), San Miguel de Allende (typical of any small European town), Teotihuacán (Aztec pyramids), and then Riviera Maya and cities of Yucatan peninsula, like Playa del Carmen (trendiest coastal town), Tulum (Maya ruins overlooking Caribbean sea), Chichen Itza (Mayan ruins), Merida (Spanish colony and Sunday local market), Valladolid (sleepy Spanish colony)and Cozumel (world famous scuba diving destination). Celestún, a small fishing village with mangroves and flamingoes on the Gulf of Mexico coast, and west of Yucatan, also gets our vote.
  8. Safety – On the contrary to various talks of Mexico not a safe place due to drug wars and crimes, rest assured that most of the tourist places are pretty safe. Look for regular travel alerts (latest USA State Department warning for every Mexico state) and you find that all the places we have planned are pretty safe.
  9. Accommodation – I would recommend you sites like hostelbookers and hostelworld. They are more economical with no or very low booking charges. You can also register on sites like Couchsurfing, which provides free accommodation and you can be hosted by a local. What better way than to live with a Mexican and know the place better. Someone can also host a dinner / lunch for you at home, courtesy dinewithlocals. If traveling is your passion, make a note of these good travel sites.  (50 best travel websites)
  10. Transportation – Transportation within the country is another key area not to be missed. Especially, in a big country like Mexico, traveling from one city to another could eat up lot of your time. And mexico does not have train service! Surprised? So, commute the way Mexicans do – luxury buses, mini-vans (called collectivos), and even chicken buses. It has good inter-city bus network. Bigger cities like Mexico City, Cancun, and Guadalajara have their own public transport system. Mexico City, the capital has one of the largest and most used subway systems in the world, called Sistema de Transporte Colectiv, or more popularly Metro. That’s not all. Five Mexican Pesos per trip including transfer – can you beat that. That is less than even half a dollar.
  11. Domestic Flights – If the stakes are time against money, low cost domestic airlines provide good connectivity to almost every touristy area, including few destinations outside Mexico. Many of the bigger travel sites may not always list flights of these low-cost airlines; hence take my advice to individually visit their sites. Volaris, VivaAerobus, Interjet and AeroMexico are the air carriers in Mexico.
  12. Language – Read a number of blogs, articles based on the places. Look at photographs of these places for more inspiration. Being in a Spanish colony, not knowing even bits of Spanish could be sacrilegious. I have read and noted few basic Spanish phrases. I have also downloaded few apps on my smartphone for Spanish translation and English – Spanish dictionary which work even offline. I would reco Offline Dictionaries app. If you have time, devote few days learning basics of Spanish. And what better way to learn the language in Mexico itself – by the natives, who will teach you Spanish with flavor from Aztec and Mayan civilizations. Español (I know Spanish).
  13. Finally, the most important aspect – currency exchange. Know the currency of the country and the conversion charges of your bank before you travel. Mexico’s currency is Peso.

 And finally, for next three days, I will be living in my Mexican dreams.

 Gracias (Thank You)!

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13 Responses to A Trip in the Making: Mexico

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  4. Swapna says:

    I just loved our Mexico trip. you have everything there, beautiful blue sea, white sand, colorful houses, lot of music and dance, ruins and pramids of Maya and Aztec civilizations and much more. You just have to be there to experience it. So when are you planning your trip?


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  7. Neha Malik says:

    Wow Suyash..that’s a lot of info 🙂 anyone planning for a Mexico trip should start with ur blog..i, for sure, will 😊
    Happy travelling & advance anniversary wishes !

    Liked by 1 person

    • suyashchopra says:

      Thanks a lot Neha….Glad that you liked it…Follow my blogpage & subscribe with your mailID coz more blogs to come after the trip…..Plan your Mexico soon and let me read your blog on it then….:)


  8. sailajakattubadi says:

    Awesome details, Suyash. You inspired me to travel to Mexico:)

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Deepti Alla says:

    That is an exhaustive research, Suyash! Must say.. it did not miss anything. Few things I would add –
    1.Latest travel guides will be very useful. Frommers, Lonely Planet etc. Especially if one is not hiring a local guide, which is an expensive option if you’re not travelling in a group. Most of the local guides primarily speak Spanish. More so, the books have maps of every town in a great detail which was of good help to us.
    2.If exploring the ruins of Mayan civilization, they are spread out over a large area of Yucatan / Quintana Roo and Campeche areas. It is better to read about their history before one goes there to appreciate it better. The government museums serve a good purpose but they are in prime towns only …
    3.Oxxo is the Walmart of mexico, best place to get any essentials if needed.
    4.Do not forget to include visiting 1-2 cenotes in your itinerary. They are just surreal and must visit.
    5.Personally, I have a great affinity to local foods and handicrafts. Mexico is a treat for both. There are local markets in every place where you get to taste the street food (tamales, tostadas, empanadas, quesadillas etc …) and the local artisan shops. In colonial places like Valladolid, you would get to savor the Spanish food variety 🙂 for food lovers, the country is a treat!
    6.Good to download a language app before you start your travel. Very handy for basic communication. you would surely learn a bit of spanish by the end of your trip! 🙂
    7.Finally, there is absolutely no need to worry about lack of connectivity. Most of the places have wifi, the bus connectivity (ADO network) is amazing; and the yucatan peninsula had sign boards everywhere for navigation and location spotting. Not to forget, the people are so warm, helpful and friendly

    So, Senor & Senorita .. Have a great trip! 😀

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