Danger of Flash Flood in Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon in Utah

There are canyons and there are slot canyons. If Grand Canyon is one of the most popular and extraordinary canyons in the world, then Antelope Canyon, which is a slot canyon, is one of the most photographed geological formations in the world. Definition of slot canyon mentions “slot canyon is a narrow canyon formed by the wear of water rushing through the rock“. Slot canyons can be significantly deeper than they are wide. Known for its beautiful color and texture, Antelope canyon, to me, seems to be sculpted by nature only for the shutterbugs and cameras. When the rays of sun fall inside this slot canyon, this place turns into a magical wonderland in photographs.

If you search for the photographs of Antelope Canyon on internet, they will leave you mesmerized and in awe. In case, you are searching about this place for the first time, it will be irresistible for you to not gather more information about this slot canyon. There are two parts of Antelope Canyon, located in the state of Arizona in USA – Upper and Lower Canyon. Upper Canyon is the most famous and visited one. It is just 200 meters in length, about 37 meters in depth and is so narrow that at certain spots, only a couple of people can pass at one time. Such dimensions of Antelope Canyon not only make it unique but also makes it dangerous when weather is not permissible. During rain, within minutes, this beautiful place can witness flash floods. It is possible that thunderstorms and rain might have occurred miles away from Antelope, upstream of the canyon but the water can funnel inside the canyon with tremendous force carrying debris, rocks, sand and other stuffs. In the past, there have been few deaths inside the canyon due to flash floods. When planning for a visit to Antelope Canyon, it is always advisable to check the weather reports and any forecast of flash flood, and never ignore the instructions of your guide. Else this dangerous beauty may not give you a second chance.

However, when we went to Antelope Canyon, there was no danger of flash flood. It was a beautiful spring weather, and the Antelope Canyon was as adventurous, exciting and magnificent as we had read and imagined, and we were certainly not disappointed. Above shot for this week’s post – danger – is from the inside of Upper Antelope Canyon which i had clicked. In my next posts, i will write more details of our lifetime experience to Antelope Canyon, and how to plan a visit. Till then, enjoy this shot, and shoot if you have any question.

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14 Responses to Danger of Flash Flood in Antelope Canyon

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  2. NJ says:

    It looks gorgeous!!

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  3. Helen C says:

    Wow, I am jealous. 😉 We tried to go there, but the tour group didn’t get enough people so we couldn’t go. ;-( Can’t wait for your next post.
    Hope everything goes well for you and your family. Enjoy the spring!

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    • Helen, you must plan for a trip to Antelope in summer. You will love this. Arizona and Utah are beautiful states.

      I have completed writing a part of my next post on my trip experience. Once I work on my photos, hopefully this will be ready to be posted in a couple of weeks. Thanks for enjoying my post on Antelope. Have a good time, and enjoy summer.

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  4. what a beautiful experience. Would love to check it out, but the virtual tour you shared here is a nice teaser.

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    • Hehehehe…..yes it’s more a teaser coz I have started writing in more detail about my experience to this magical place. Thanks for visiting this post for now. Have a great day dear

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  5. Anna Love says:

    I’ve seen many photos of this spot of the Grand Canyon yet still make me mesmerized everytime, just beautiful.

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    • Antelope Canyon is indeed a mesmerizing and magical place. And photos of this place takes you to a different world altogether. It’s an experience visiting this place. Thanks for visiting my post. Have fun

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  7. Every time I see pictures of this place I am amazed!

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    • This is most certainly a magical place, and in photos, Antelope Canyon looks mesmerizing. Hope you visit the canyon soon some time. Thanks for visiting my post. Have a good day.


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