Guru Govind

“Guru govind dou khade kaake laage paun…Bali hari guru aapne govind diyo batay”

Guru is greater than Govind or GOD (in spiritual form) because, a teacher is the person who guides us and explains the pathway to reach to that Eternal power. So we must need a living master to realize that eternal power within us.

Teacher – Student ratio in India is very dismal, 1:50. Deep down into our education system, we would come across lot of startling facts about the quality of these teachers, infrastructure of the schools, quality of education, gender divide, rural-urban divide, etc.

A recent survey of learning outcomes of school children reported in the Annual Survey of Education – Rural revealed that about half of those in Class 5th could read only class 2nd texts and the proportion of kids who could solve a simple division sum in class 5th had declined. A study by the National University of Educational Planning & Administration found that of the 47 lakh elementary school teachers, nearly 25% have not studied beyond the secondary level. Another quarter have just completed their higher/ senior secondary level. Untrained and demotivated teachers do no good to our education system.

Realizing the fact that good, educated, motivated and well-qualified teachers form an important pillar of our education system, Aashayein Foundation has decided to appoint more teachers in Shikshana Abhiyana schools. Aashayein is already paying the salaries of 3 teachers in Arundhati Primary School and hope to appoint few more in other schools. For this, we expect your support and cooperation.

You can help us in following ways:

•     Connect good, qualified, educated, motivated teachers to Aashayein Foundation

•     Sponsor the salary of a teacher

We would provide you performance reports of teachers and students, regular visits to schools, interaction with teachers and students, etc.

In case, you wish to become the agent of change, please write to or call 9948440643

Proposal Document containing details

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4 Responses to Guru Govind

  1. I want to hug them all 😉 I spent 26 years teaching, and appreciate how you describe the role of teachers in our lives. Namaste, WG

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    • OMG, 26 yrs must have been an awesome time with the kids. I always have a very high regard for teachers coz they are the ones who have moulded my life and ofcourse, of most of the students. This was my way to pay tribute to them.

      Dhanyawad WG for visiting my post and appreciating it. Have a great weekend ahead….;)


    • A great and heartfelt tribute. Many of us who choose to be teachers do it partly in appreciation to all of those who taught us over the years. We “pay it forward” in gratitude. And we hope that each generation of teachers gets a little better 😉

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    • Absolutely. What a wonderful thought!!! The great legacy has to continue….and ofcourse made better….:):)

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