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Mi esposa bonita y yo decidimos ir a México. Porque ella trabaja en la oficina y está ocupada, yo planeo el viaje a México. Muchas personas opinan que  el país de Latino América, México, no es un lugar seguro. Pero yo no creo que ellos están correcto. Nosotros  reservamos nuestros boletos de avión y volamos a México.

Mi esposa inteligente cambia solo unos pocos dólares a pesos porque el tipo de cambio está bajo en el aeropuerto. Ella vende algunos dólares y comprar los pesos. Yo pregunta a el oficial guapo en la mesa de información sobre la estación de metro más cercana. Nosotros eludimos el tráfico intenso  y lento de la ciudad de México. Muchos viajeros toman los trenes desde el aeropuerto y cargan sus equipajes pesados. La recepcionista joven y hermosa saluda nosotros en la hotel y confirma nuestras reservaciones. Nosotros comemos la comida Mexicana deliciosa y dormimos temprano porque en la mañana, nosotros visitan la pirámide de Cholula.

Great Pyramid of Cholula Mexico

Great Pyramid of Cholula, Mexico

Cholula está cerca de Puebla, una ciudad muy colorida. Nosotros estamos muy felices y subimos arriba de la pirámide a la Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de los Remedios. Tú entras dentro del túnel en la base de la pirámide. La gente que aman y desean aprender de la historia vieja y cultura hermosa, disfrutar en las ciudades de México increíbles.

Tunnel Inside Cholula Pyramid

Total length of Tunnel Excavated so far is 8km. You can walk more than half a kilometer inside the tunnel, located beneath the pyramid. Its fun.

(Above description is about about our visit to Mexico and the Great Pyramid of Cholula in 2014. It is the largest pyramid as well as the largest monument ever constructed anywhere in the world, even larger than that of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, in terms of total volume. This pyramid is yet to be completely excavated. )

Inspired by my travel to Mexico in 2014 and Spain in 2012, I decided to learn Spanish. I have joined the Spanish class, conducted by Richfield and Bloomington Community Education Services in Minnesota. I have completed the first level and waiting for the next level to start in January 2015. Class has been so much fun. Our instructor, Bertha Bonequi, is an amazing teacher who teaches step-by-step, one-at-a-time and most importantly, in the most grammatically correct manner. Though she is from Mexico, she has been living in Minnesota since last 12 years.

It took me to come all the way to Minneapolis (USA) to learn Spanish. That’s a twist and turn in the life of a traveler, and it is so joyful. Isn’t that interesting?

Thanks to her, now I can read and pronounce the Spanish words and sentences much better, if not perfectly and fluently. I can now frame basic sentences with Ser and Estar (To Be) verbs – only in present tense, though. Recently, I wrote these paragraphs on our Mexico trip, in present tense and with basic verbs and vocabulary. I consider this as part of my achievement, and a source of motivation to travel to South America next year. More posts on achievements here.


Do you learn bits of local language before visiting a new country? Which was the language and for which country did you learn it? Do share your experiences.

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21 Responses to Mi Primer Blog en Idioma Español

  1. Unfortunately, I have been working on my spanish for over two years now and have been failing. I barely understood what you wrote above. I am traveling abroad through my university and taking yet another spanish class this semester. Hopefully something will sink in. Languages do not come easily to everyone so congrats on getting so far!

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    • Thanks Natasha for visiting my post and your wishes.

      Let me tell you, i just know little bit of The language and tried writing a small blog, with feedback from my instructor. Dont lose heart dear about Spanish. I am sure with time and some extra bit of practice, you will be able to learn it beautifully. Keep working and dont lose sight of what you want to do and learn. One day, your hardwork will pay off. Who knows, this travel and another semester may add extra bit of motivation and luck for you.

      Wish you all the best for your travel and in your endeavor to learn the language. Keep trying and keep failing, till you succeed. 🙂 🙂

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    • Well thank you so much, I appreciate it!! 🙂

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    • You are most welcome dear…:)

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  2. Kendra S says:

    Great post! Amazing how much of a language one can retain when not still studying it – been years since I studied Spanish but I was able to understand most of what you wrote.

    Do you know when that tunnel opened to the public? It wasn’t open when I went to Cholula, unfortunately.

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    • Thanks a lot for your encouraging words. I am glad that you understood it 😉 unless i made some mistakes.

      I am not sure when it was opened for public. We were there in March first week this year and it was open then.

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  3. Carmen says:

    This is so great! Plus traveling to places where people speak Spanish is not only good for the language but also the culture, and learning while knowing the culture is most enriching. Recently I have gotten a book, the first one of a series of probably 3 more books (teacher’s book, exercises etc) as I am going to enroll as a teacher for my husband. Yes, Spanish 🙂 Thanks for your kind and lovely comments.

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  4. Helen C says:

    Wow, after you completed the first level, you can read and write like this! Quite impressive! I am travelling to Italy next year. Not sure how much I can learn before my trip ;-( Helen

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    • It took me lot of time to write this but i am glad i was able to write it with minimal mistakes.

      Italy should be a nice place. It will be fun to learn Italian before going there. All the best, Helen!!!

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  5. Aquileana says:

    Excelente post Suyash… Y escribes muy bien en castellano… Te felicito.
    Un abrazo!, Aquileana 😀

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    • Muchas Gracias, Aquileana for your visit and encouraging words. It helps me a lot. Its an amazing language, so vibrant and it always reminds me of the warmth and energy of Spanish culture. I am new to this language but I will keep learning more, which also acts as a motivating factor for my plan to visit South America 😉

      Cuidate! Have a great weekend.


  6. katpegimana says:

    Muy bien Suyash! This brings back memories of Spanish learnt in 1 year while I was a student in Australia. I can still remember some of these words and what they meant! Great post..

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  7. Deepti Alla says:

    That’s quite inspiring ! 🙂 I am actually gonna dig out my French and mandarin beginner notes !

    Keep up the posts and your travel love !

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