3-Day 3-Quote Challenge: Day 3

Hazaaron Khwahishe Aisi

हजारों ख्वाहिशें ऐसी कि हर ख्वाहिश पे दम निकले
बहुत निकले मेरे अरमाँ, लेकिन फिर भी कम निकले

– मिर्जा गालिब

Thousands of desires, each worth dying for,
Many of them I have realized, yet I yearn for more.

– Mirza Ghalib

This couplet is by one of the most famous shayar or Urdu poet of India – Mirza Ghalib (1797-1869). One of the most celebrated poets of Indian history, he has been an inspiration for millions of Ghazal (poems) listeners across the world, who understands Urdu, Persian and the language of life. This poem is a masterpiece and kind of anthem for all his fans. Read the full poem here with translation.

Years back when i heard this ghazal or poem, i simply fell in love with his writings and their deep meanings, reflecting the realities of life. This ghazal is my favorite. His Ghazal have been sung by many maestros, and among them, my personal favorite is Jagjit Singh. I cannot imagine Mirza Ghalib ghazal without his voice.


This is my third and last day entry for this challenge. Check my Day 1 and Day 2 posts. I am thankful to be invited by my fellow blogger, Moon Roy, of FootLooseForever. Go out and enjoy her travel blogs and photographs. You will enjoy them.

Rules for the challenge

  • Post your three favorite quotes, one on each day for three consecutive days. The quote could be from any book, author or your own quote.
  • Tag three other bloggers with each post to challenge them.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.

So, let me invite today all of you reading this post. Since i am expected to tag three other bloggers, let me invite:

1. Maria – RandomlyAbstract

2. Arvi – JaipurThruMyLens

3. Astha Guptaa

Hope you all will accept this challenge and we will get to read some of your favorite quotes. Have fun.

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35 Responses to 3-Day 3-Quote Challenge: Day 3

  1. Bipasha says:

    I was listening to that ghazal a few days ago…so much said in just a few words, it’s beautiful!

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  2. Babut khub . Ati sundar

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  3. INCOMESCO / Jesi says:

    वाहः वाहः भाईसाप गजल का फर्माइस तो बहुत दमदार है, – आपके जेसी भाई

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  4. Nisthur Anadi says:

    Awesome lines

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  6. ladyfi says:

    Lovely verse and beautiful shot.

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  7. arv! says:

    thanks suyash! for nominating me for the challenge, I feel privileged and honored! Although I don’t want to sound rude, but I regret to inform you that I won’t be able to participate in this challenge. Well, I’m really a person who writes blog post depending on availability of time, interest and being in right frame of mind. Moreover, my blog posts are all centered on a specific subject – Jaipur! Thanks once again for giving me the opportunity. At the same time I would like to mention here that your blog posts are something that I look forward to, every week..I find them quite interesting and well written!

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    • Not a problem dear as I completely understand it. And I really like your concept of blogging coz you have chosen about Jaipur – your city – and share the hidden jewels with us. Except for few very famous touristy places of Jaipur, even I was unaware of so many of these places. I have been to Jaipur twice but not travelled not due to lack of time. Hopefully this time when I visit, I will first check up your site for a heads-up.

      Thanks for appreciating my posts. I feel so glad that you enjoy them. Have fun and keep taking us to the beautiful places in Jaipur 🙂

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    • arv! says:

      Its nice to hear that you enjoy my posts…surely great incentive to keep going! I’ll be happy to help whenever you plan your next trip to Jaipur! 🙂

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    • Thanks buddy 🙂

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  8. Wah wah, kaya shair intekhab kia ap nay! 😀 (If you understand Urdu that is 😛 )

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  9. Hazaron khwahishain aisi! I love this one too!
    The deeper sense of life that reflects in his words. And the magic it brings. It’s all so uniquely heart-warming.
    Thank you for the nomination, too. I am going to do this really soon, inshaAllah. 🙂 *starts thinking about favorite quotes*

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  10. Amy says:

    Thank you, Dr. Hb. …yet I yearn for more, so beautiful, yet so moving.

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  11. Ashish kumar says:

    bahut sundar… 🙂

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  12. ladyfi says:

    Wonderful shot.

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  13. Carmen says:

    …. And this yearning should never die! I love this one, Suyash, enlightening. I love when poetry gives more than just rhyme, but light, wisdom, cure, shelter, awakening.. consciousness. This quote gave me the final idea of what I will post tomorrow. Thank you! ❤

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    • I agree with you. Poetry is more than mere rhymes. At times, it throws open a mirror on front of individuals and society where they can see themselves – their good deeds and not so good ones. Poetry can arouse a nation and a society, can make someone rebellious. Words have lot of power. Probably, that’s why they say Pen is mightier than sword.

      I am glad my post gave you idea of another thought provoking poem that you shared. I read it and its really so profound and deep. Keep sharing with us such wisdom.

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  14. Dr.V.Sridhar says:

    Thank you so much for this lovely couplet.I am also fan of Jagajit Singh

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    • You are most welcome sir. Jagjit Singh is my all time favorite singer. His music and gazals are so soothing, relaxing and profound. Thanks for visiting my post.


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